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Chaos Walking (PG-13, 109 minutes) is a sci-fi movie about colonization on a foreign planet that has become dystopian. Living conditions are primitive for the humans there.

On this planet, the thoughts of men can be heard and seen, but not for the women. These public thought broadcasts are considered to be noise. In one settlement, all the women have been killed.

The main character, played by Tom Holland of Spiderman fame, grew up motherless. He is bothered by having his thoughts broadcast aloud and tries to control them.

Another arriving spaceship full of colonists sends a rocket pod down to the planet that has a crash landing. Daisy Ridley, who played the heroine of the last Star War movies, survives the crash and is rescued by Tom Holland. He has to sneak her into his village, but the elders discover her presence and want to eliminate her.

Holland and Ridley flee for safety through a dangerous wilderness. The village men are in hot pursuit in an epic chase sequence. There are inevitable conflicts and casualties in the action.

Despite the top quality leading actors, the story and production values are not at the same high level. Please note that the film’s audio of the men’s thoughts is at a lower sound level than the spoken dialogue, and might not be as understandable.

The movie producers and director had high aspirations, but the picture only earns a low two potato entertainment rating.

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