I guess at this point I’ve turned into a full-blown television addict.

On top of all of the other shows I’ve now binge watched this year, my fiancé and I have recently become addicted to HBO’s hit, “Big Little Lies.”

Based on the book by the same name by Liane Moriarty, the series, now in its second season, stars Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern, Meryl Streep and Alexander Skarsgard (amongst many others) as completely dysfunctional, but rich, residents of swanky Monterey, California.

Primarily revolving around four households, the series follows three upper crust families, and one single mother, as they live, lie, cover up and seek revenge along the Golden Coast.

In short, it’s excellent.

The first season opens with some elementary school bullying and closes with a gripping spectacle of domestic violence that sees an abuser reach their “accidental” end.

I was originally intrigued by the series when I saw that Reese Witherspoon was onboard.

Reese has always been one of my favorite actresses, and she’s one of the few people in the movies who’s projects I will see regardless of plot, genre or even initial intrigue from the trailer.

The other powerhouse actors being added to the cast only made it better, and this series certainly does not disappoint.

Remember “Desperate Housewives?”

Well, “Big Little Lies” is similar to that but with a lot more mystery and a lot more R rated material.

HBO is known for taking television to the next level – especially since they did it before streaming services like Netflix even existed – and they certainly don’t let their viewers down with this one.

One oddly nostalgic thing about “Big Little Lies” that I loved the most was we actually had to wait a week between episodes.

HBO doesn’t dump the series on their streaming service. They do things the “old fashioned” way and make you tune in weekly until the end.

I’m so used to Netflix that this was almost a new concept for me!

Anyhow, if you have HBO you really should watch a few episodes and see if you like it.

I truly think it has a story line that will interested just about anyone.

Chance Gibbs is an actor and writer living in the Dallas area. He’s appeared in numerous television shows, films, professional and community theater, and TV commercials, and has been a contributor to news publications since 2007.

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