Screen Time: Classic comedy cinema

It's easy to get wrapped up in the glitz and glamour of big Hollywood blockbusters these days. Thanks to computers, the cinematic experience has become so visually stunning that our eyes take us on an instant adventure. Today's special effects and animatronics often capture our attention and keep it!

But it's important to remember where it all started ... or respect our elders, as I like to say!

As a child, my older brother introduced me to the wonders of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, otherwise known as "Laurel & Hardy." The comic duo were so funny that my family enjoyed them more than "Abbott & Costello" and "The Three Stooges!"

Recently, I had the pleasure of seeing the new film "Stan & Ollie." I say pleasure, because that's exactly what it was .... as I watched the story of the classic duo's career, I felt pleasantly entertained.

I'll even admit that my eyes began to water a little during a couple parts of the movie. It was a beautiful film, and I hope it will be recognized as such.

For those who don't know, "Laurel & Hardy" were a comedic team that began in the late 1920s. Yes, that's just a little before most of our time!

But if you like comedy, you should look up some of their films. Stan Laurel, born in 1890 in England, and Oliver Hardy, born in 1892 in Georgia, partnered with Hal Roach Studio in 1926. And as they say ... the rest is history.

Including guest appearances, "Laurel & Hardy" made 106 films together, according to

They first appeared in a 1927 film called "Duck Soup." In 1932, the duo won an Oscar with short film "The Music Box."

Originally members of the silent movie era, the website says "Laurel" made his first visit to American as a member of the Fred Kamo Musical-Comedy Troupe, which also included actor Charlie Chaplin.

"Hardy" was destined for a military career but instead opened a movie theater in Milledgeville, Georgia, the website said. He later found work as an actor in Jacksonville, Florida, and eventually moved to Hollywood.

"Hardy's" most famous catchphrase is "Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten us into," as he gives a disgusted look to his partner in crime, "Laurel."

The sad part about seeing "Stan & Ollie" ... there were only six of us in the Saturday showing of it. Afterwards, I posted about the movie on my Facebook page, but only myself and my boyfriend seemed interested. My co-columnist, Chance Gibbs, and my sister later gave me likes on the post, though.

But I expected hearts and likes galore! Come on, friends!

There's a part in the movie where "Stan Laurel" is cracking a hard-boiled egg, trying not to draw too much attention to himself ... but of course he is. And that simple thing, cracking an egg, made me giggle a couple of times!

Their humor was so subtle, yet so effective. There's another scene where they are circling in and out of a small building and keep missing each other. It's obviously impossible a couple of times that they did not see each other as they passed, yet it's still funny! Their expressions and timing are impeccable!

I'm not usually a fan of today's comedies. Rarely do I find one that I like ... simply based on the fact that comedic actors today often rely on vulgar words or situations for a laugh. Why? Well, it's because that's what our society has come to accept. Our standards have been lowered through the years, I guess.

I just think comedy should be more about being genuinely funny!

And that is exactly what "Laurel & Hardy" or "Stan & Ollie" as they are now known did -- they made their audiences laugh from their hearts.

"Stan & Ollie" had a limited release, meaning it was only released to a certain number of theaters, but look it up and see if you can find a showing! Or plan to buy it on DVD when it's released!

If you want to pay respects to two of the founding fathers of comedy, watch this movie.