Clay Cheatham

In times like these, we all need something to cheer us up and make us laugh. Fortunately, Netflix is a very rich source of comedy shows and is actually the biggest source of standup comedy specials.

I am going to take you through some of Netflix's standup specials, movies and sitcoms. It also has many newer comedy movies and lots of old favorites as well.

Netflix's offerings include classic family-oriented shows such as “Cheers” or the “Andy Griffith Show.” Newer sitcoms that Netflix has are That “'70s Show” and “The Office,” as well as “Gilmore Girls.”

Another category that should probably be included are funny shows that aren't really comedies. These can be really fun to watch since they don't follow the typical comedic formula that comedy movies often employ.

One movie on Netflix that meets this category would be “Tremors.” The cast uses comedic actor Victor Wong and has lots of hilarious banter between Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward's characters. Another possibility of this type would be the animal documentary show “Absurd! Planet.” The show takes a comedic view of animals lives, and the few episodes that I have seen were absolutely hilarious!

Lastly, another show that meets this category would be “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” This show features Jerry Seinfeld, the show's creator and king of observational comedy, getting coffee with a different actor in every episode. The show features almost 100 different episodes, with each one featuring someone new, so there is a great chance that there will be several comedians that the viewer is a big fan of. This show really appeals to those who enjoy learning about the art of comedy itself because many of the coffee conversations end up being about just that.

Some of the cleaner standouts of Netflix's standup specials that don't have a lot of mature content include specials from Jerry Seinfeld, Gabriel Iglesias and Adam Sandler, as well as a special staring both Steve Martin and Martin Short. I personally love Steve Martin and his clean brand of humor. Steve loves to combine music with his comedy and delights the viewer with playing his banjo.

For those who don't mind edgier comedians who can sometimes ruffle feathers, there are many choices as well. Joe Rogan has a couple of comedy specials on Netflix, that feature a sometimes bizarre commentary containing jokes about aliens, the pratfalls of drinking and modern dating.

Another popular name is Norm MacDonald. Netflix offers episodes of his talk show as well as a movie featuring him and his stand-up special. Macdonald, though, is not for everyone. His comedic style includes deadpan humor, but is also very good at telling a meandering yet hilarious story.

Hopefully, I have given enough examples to let you find something to suit you and your family. The magic of comedy is that it really brings us together and helps us forget about whatever dreary content we see on the television.

I hope you find something that really tickles your funny bone!

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