Chance Gibbs

There are so many movies out right now, it’s hard to narrow the choices down to just see one of them.

Last Sunday, it was my fiancé’s turn to pick a movie, so we went and saw, “Rambo: Last Blood.”

She, like so many of us, grew up on Sylvester Stallone movies, and she loves the “Rambo” franchise, so off we went to Movie Tavern to catch the action flick.

“Last Blood” is the fifth installment of the “Rambo” series and begins in desolate Arizona where “Rambo” lives on an inherited horse ranch with his friend, “Maria,” and her granddaughter, “Gabriella.”

Against both “Rambo” and “Maria’s” wishes, “Gabriella” secretly travels to Mexico where a friend has found her long lost father for her.

When “Gabriella” gets to the Mexican border town, things go from bad to worse and she ends up being abducted by a Mexican drug cartel.

“Rambo” then travels to Mexico to find her, only to run into trouble that even the action hero can’t fight his way out of.

Barely alive and recovered, “Rambo” then retreats home to Arizona to lure the drug cartel to his territory – on his ranch – and get his revenge for what they did to “Gabriella.”

All in all, the film was good, but not great.

The script is weak in the first half of the movie, and so is much of the acting.

The film has a “Taken” theme, so the potential was there for it to be so much better, but I felt like they just expected us to know too much of “Gabriella’s” backstory before she went to Mexico and got abducted.

The second half of the film is where we get that “Rambo” movie we all love.

Once “Rambo” gets the upper hand on the drug cartel, the blood begins to fly, and revenge is served in all its glory.

The film is gory and violent – and at times even a bit uncomfortable to watch because of how extreme it goes. For me, these things are a plus, but for some it may be a stomach churner.

Many critics have said the film is “pro Trump” and “xenophobic” and please ignore them when they say that.

That’s just Hollywood yapping.

Trump is never mentioned and neither is a hate for immigrants or Mexico.

Sex trafficking in Mexico – especially in border towns – is a massive real-world issue and this “Rambo” film just incorporates that into it.

I enjoyed the film because I love Stallone and action movies.

If you do as well, then I’d say go see it on the big screen.

If you can do without, just wait and watch it when it is available on the small screen.

It’s not a must watch, but it is a fun watch, especially if you like a good “Rambo” film.

Chance Gibbs is an actor and writer living in the Dallas area. He’s appeared in numerous television shows, films, professional and community theater, and TV commercials, and has been a contributor to news publications since 2007.

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