Chance Gibbs

In times of strife, I try to focus on the positives.

The world is coming to a standstill as we each do our part to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

It’s uncharted water for most of us, as this kind of pandemic hasn’t been seen in years, and many of us are scared and suffering because of the unknowns that come with it.

I’m doing my absolute best at “social distancing,” so staying in and around my house has become by new “normal.”

With many extra hours inside, comes many extra hours to binge watch television and movies.

That’s my positive.

I am an actor, and it gives me pleasure knowing that while the outside world is crazy, inside my home I can take refuge watching my favorite programs on my TV.

It’s those in the entertainment business who I’m really grateful for these days.

The writers, directors, producers, actors and others who work to put content out on television and online for our viewing pleasure often go unappreciated and are taken for granted.

Television is normal. It’s always there.

But now, it’s essentially the only form of entertainment most people have.

Sure, we have our phones, but even then the content is the same.

What does everyone do when they are quarantined to their home?

They watch TV.

I’ve caught up on some primetime TV favorites, as well as began Netflix’s “Locke and Key,” and tonight we are starting Hulu’s “Little Fires Everywhere,” starring Reese Witherspoon.

In these past few days, I’ve found myself watching more television than ever because it’s replacing social engagements I would normally partake in.

I’m turning to showbiz to help get me through this period of uncertainty, as many other people are, and it makes me proud to know I, too, work in this industry.

My writer friends are posting online that they’re starting new scripts, a musical theatre friend started an online movement where singers post videos of themselves singing show tunes and original pieces, and everyone is coming together to “hang out” or create something, even from the solitude of their own home.

This pandemic has sparked people’s creativity and in a time when the positives are needed, I’m thankful for that one.

I look forward to the world getting back to normal, and I’m anxious to see what comes to life on stage or screen that was created during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Stay safe. Be smart. And enjoy what the entertainers bring to your screen during this time.

Chance Gibbs is an actor and writer living in the Dallas area. He’s appeared in numerous television shows, films, professional and community theater, and TV commercials, and has been a contributor to news publications since 2007.

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