SHE SHEDS have become very popular during the last few years. So, how did they get their beginning and what are some of the themes the ladies are using when setting up their one-of-a-kind shed?

According to an article that I found online (SHE SHED HISTORY), the term “she shed” has probably been around since 2015. An article posted on the Today Show website dated May 12, 2015, refers to a woman living in the Catskill Mountains who created a space so that she could get away from the stress of work. She decorated her special space with a couch and a loft bed. Then, she stocked it with a wide variety of reading materials.

The public started comparing her space with the well-known mancave which had been popular since about 1992. Women, it was determined, needed a separate space just like the men. From then on, ideas for she sheds have been pinned and re-pinned. Many books have been written in which are pictured she sheds from all over the country.

It took until 2018 for the term “she shed” to be popular enough to be used in a commercial. You may remember that commercial from State Farm. This commercial went viral, as did the popularity of she sheds. (As a side note: The actress who played the woman whose she shed had been burned down says she is still enjoying reading online theories about who burned down her shed. Most think it was her husband. lol)

Perhaps you are thinking about setting up your own she shed. If so, here are some ideas you might want to consider.

ART SHE SHED: For those of you who love to create—painting, sculpting, etc.

BOOK NOOK SHE SHED: Fill it full of books for some relaxed reading time.

WINE DRINKING SHE SHED: Run electricity to your shed for a wine cooler.

NAPPING SHE SHED: Nap, pray, think, watch a movie, scroll through your phone in blissful peace and quiet.

YOGA SHE SHED: Get away by yourself for some relaxing yoga exercise.

Regardless of which theme you choose for your she shed, personalize it. Make it a place you call your very own; a place you can revitalize yourself. After all, you can give much more to others when you are strong in body and spirit. We all need some down time.

Do you have “she shed” ideas that you would like to share with the readers? If so, please let me know and I will incorporate them into one of my articles. By the way, I am setting up my own she shed. I combined the Book Nook and Napping themes. It won’t be long before I will be sitting in my cozy chair by the window, my blanket wrapped around me, a cup of tea by my side, and a book in my hand. Yes, I plan to take my little ADD/OCD self and make some time to actually read a book for fun and sometimes even take a short nap. What a concept! (Those of you who know me personally, please don’t laugh too loud.)

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