Tater Tot,

Letters to Juliette was a sappy, sentimental love story—and I loved it!  Of course, I still haven’t gotten over my infatuation with Amanda Seyfried.  Dear John was just a few weeks ago, after all.  

Those eyes!  

The plot is preposterous—trying to recapture a love lost 50 years ago.  

In fact, that’s part of the movie’s charm.  

Now, I have to admit that the relationship between Amanda and Christopher Egan didn’t completely work for me — but it was sweet, anyway.  

Vanessa Redgrave just ate up the screen!  She certainly looks her age, but she still has such a presence!  

While I’m at it, Franco Nero comes across as robust and virile even after all these years.  As you pointed out, the scenery of the Italian wine country is a gorgeous backdrop for this engaging love story.  I’d say walk fast to see this fine romantic outing.

Along that same vein, Shrek Forever After is another fine romantic outing.  Different, of course.  

This is a retelling of a familiar story, one that I first saw in It’s a Wonderful Life.  After all the stress and conflict, Shrek has become bored with his life.  It takes losing everything for him to realize how good he had it.  This chapter of the franchise is the second best, for me.  It has all the charm and imagination of the first, when we met all these characters.  The animation is superb and the 3D effects are wonderful.  I’d say catch a speeding dragon to see this engaging romp.

See you at the concession stand,

Spud Nut

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