What do I see? I see a sick county that has few citizen opportunities, very high taxes and a governing body that has no desire to change. “Stuck in the Mud,” about to run out of gas, with no plan of action to change. High taxes and few citizen opportunities is a formula for failure.

I see a suffering population that has a feeling of “You can't change it!” Yes, we can, by electing qualified candidates that have an agenda that puts the success of the county's future first. That means more citizen jobs and opportunities and lower taxes for the taxpayer. This is a formula for success.

I see these tax meetings as not necessary and costly for the taxpayers. These meetings, mandated by the State of Texas, are a way of saying “your county government has failed you.” An attitude of self-serving county government must be changed to the success of the county first.

To the governing body that I have attempted to change for the past 20 years, shame on you.

Hank Jones

Rusk, Texas

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