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Spud Nut

Each year I look back over the list of movies I have seen to compare how I originally rated them to see how I feel about them now. I reviewed 50 films this year.

Admittedly, I have not seen all of the releases that were shown in the larger cities. Our little town has a three screen theater, and not everything comes here by any means. Next, I no longer go to see horror movies because I have enough problems without adding to my frights in life. Remember that I am a movie fan, not a movie critic; so I do not judge movies on their artistic merit, but on their entertainment value.

My list of favorites is about the ones that I would enjoy seeing again. I have listed my choices in alphabetical order, but if I picked which ones I liked best, then that includes: Cruella and Encanto. The other movies on the list are memorable too. This list is only my personal choices. You have the right to like whichever ones appeal to you; that’s what makes going to the movies fun for all.

• Cruella

• Cry Macho

• Dune: Part One

• Encanto

• Nobody 

• Spider-Man: No Way Home

• The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard

See you at the theater, movie lovers.

Tater Tot

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