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I was born in Jacksonville and lived in Jacksonville through the fifth grade, when my father’s job required a move away. I have fond memories of the Jacksonville of the 1950s. Yesterday I discovered that the Tomato Fest will be on June 12; it is something that I have wanted to attend for years. I was going to ask my brother and sister-in-law to make the trip with me— until I checked the COVID vaccination rate for Cherokee County. 22% are fully vaccinated and 26% have had one shot. I am shocked! While I have been fully vaccinated since late February, I am 74 years old and not going to expose myself, even outdoors, to a place where the COVID risk of transmission is rated “moderate.” I am disappointed. I’ll see about next


And by the way, have you all thought about having a vaccination booth at the Tomato Fest?

Ruth Woodward

Dallas, Texas

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