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Wrath of Man (R, 119 minutes) stars Jason Statham, which tells you immediately that the movie will be an action adventure picture.

This time, he is a mysterious figure with extraordinary skills who poses as an ordinary security guard working for an armored car company in Los Angeles. Robbers have been attacking and robbing the trucks. In the most recent incident, Statham’s son was an innocent bystander who got killed during a heist.

The director, Guy Ritchie, uses flashbacks to tell the story and show how the cast are interconnected.

The script has complications on several different levels. You might have to concentrate on listening to the tough guy talk to follow what is happening.

In the end, you’ll wonder just who Statham’s character was and want to see him again.

As a rock ‘em, sock ‘em feature this gets a three hard boiled potato entertainment rating.

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