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The total rainfall from the storm is likely to tally up to a widespread 15 to 30 inches, with a few localized spots picking up to 50 inches or more. Many textbooks have the 60-inch mark as a once-in-a-million-year recurrence interval, meaning that if any spots saw that amount, they would essentially be dealing with a one-in-a-million-year event.

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Soybeans peek out from the water in a flooded field near Waseca, Minnesota, Thursday.

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Two men use a boat to transport a pump and generator across the Waseca High School's parking lot to the flooded Community Ice Arena in Waseca,…

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Water belches from a pump in front of an apartment building in Waseca, Minnesota, Thursday after heavy rains flooded the street.

Residents at this Lake Jacksonville Home propped several furniture Items up on cinderblocks to protect them from water damage after flooding t…

The inside of this Lake Jacksonville home received several feet of flooding as a result of heavy rains Thursday. Progress photo by Heather Metzig

The phrase “make hay while the sun shines” perhaps should be amended to “make hay while the rain falls.” Large, round bales of hays are poppin…