Seventh grader, nose tackle and champion: Maple Crest student athlete Brielle Humphries is showing why football isn’t just for the boys.

Brielle Humphries is part of a dominate team defense which allowed just 7.7 points per game and produced five shutouts during an undefeated season that was capped off with a 36-0 win in the championship game.

Humphries began playing football seven years ago because her brother started playing. Coming from a sports-oriented family where her siblings play football, basketball and baseball she’s right at home in competition and knows exactly what she enjoys about football.

“You get to blow stuff up,” she said.

Brielle Humphries is a force on the defensive line. She routinely disrupts plays and blows up other team’s offensive game plans.

Her play has even lead to a nickname from assistant coach Jerome Gray.

“I call her sparkplug,” he said. “She sparks that center and our defense just follows.”

Brielle Humphries football 07.jpg

Kokomo seventh grader Brielle Humphries plays in the middle school football conference championship against Hamilton Heights Middle School on October 9, 2019. Kelly Lafferty Gerber | Kokomo Tribune

Some of her biggest supporters are her parents Fred and Stephanie Humphries. Stephanie Humphries was all for her daughter playing football. She hopes it can help open the doors for other girls to play.

“Girls rule,” she said. “She was definitely determined. She was going to do it regardless. She did it and she loves it.”

Brielle Humphries has made quite the impression on her head coach for her dedication and worth ethic.

“She’s a very committed player. She shows up and does her job every day,” head coach Derek Donelson said. “You don’t get any gruff out of her about doing what she needs to do. She’s committed to becoming better and a better athlete.

“To be a nose tackle, especially in the defense we run, you must be very very effective and aggressive at the job to do and she has fulfilled that.”

Brielle Humphries has no plans to quit anytime soon and hopes to someday play for the Kokomo High School team.

“People told me I’m not good enough and that I’m never going to make the team so I just keep pushing forward,” she said.

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