Bass fishing has been real good this month on Martin Creek.  A lot of bass are being caught in areas with lots of current.

Martin Creek is a power plant lake with a discharge on the west side of the plant and an intake area on the east side of the plant.  When the plant is in operation you will usually see two to three stacks with smoke coming out of them.  A lot of current is produced at the discharge area, at the cut that separates the two sections of the lake, and at the railroad bridge

There are key spots in these three areas where bass set up to ambush bait fish.  Wherever you find a current break you will usually find the bass.

There are basically three types of techniques that will catch the majority of the bass: a Carolina rig, drop shot, and a deep running crank bait.  There are a variety of soft plastics that will produce.  Trick worms, creature baits and ribbon-tail worms will usually get you bit.

The Jacksonville Bass Club has been fishing on Martin Creek for the last two weekends.  They reported catching a lot of bass but not many large ones.

Last weekend eleven fishermen fished Martin Creek.  The surface temperature was a lot lower than the previous weekend.  The surface temperature at the discharge was about 60ºF and about 50ºF on the main lake.

Tony Goodman won the tournament with five bass weighing 12.38 pounds.  Goodman mostly targeted bridges and fished a sour grape Sienko as a trick worm.  Mark Ford caught the big bass weighing 5.64 pounds.

Two weeks ago the Jacksonville Bass Club fished their end of the season championship tournament.  Tony Goodman placed first with five bass totaling 12.8 pounds.  He fished a brush pile with a red bug trick worm.

Mark Ford placed second with five bass totaling 12.4 pounds.  Some of his bass were caught at the hot water discharge where the surface temperature was 70ºF.  Ford utilized a Carolina rig with a watermelon seed Dead Ringer as a lure.

Ford said, “We found areas with current that had lots of bait fish.  When I saw bass suspended in 10 feet on my depth finder I would go with a crank bait that ran 10 feet.  Most of my keepers were caught on a Mann’s 20+ shad color crank bait and on a Carolina rig around bridges with current.”

Randy Dykes placed third with 10.5 pounds.  Frank Lusk came in fourth with just under 10 pounds.  Jerry Beasley was fifth, and Barry Moore came in sixth place.

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