Would you believe that twelve members of the Jacksonville Bass Club braved the elements last weekend to fish their monthly tournament on Lake Striker? The temperatures were in the 30s and 40s, and the wind was gusting from 25 to 30 m.p.h. Needless to say, some of the contestants managed to catch a few bass even under these extreme conditions.

Everyone knew it was going to be tough. Just finding a place out of the wind that still held a few catchable fish was the biggest problem. The strong north wind forced everyone to fish the far north end of the lake known as the Eight Ball area. This area consists of a creek, shallow buck brush, some lily pads and red tip moss.

Larry Callahan managed to land two bass. One was on a 9” Yamamoto cut tail worm using a light split shot. his other bass caught near the buck brush near the creek was caught by pitching a watermelon seed Fluke. Callahan’s big string weighed 6.63 pounds. He also caught the largest bass weighing 4.45 pounds.

Callahan’s partner, Jody Ken, weighed in one bass for third place which weighed 1.92 pounds.

Second place went to Glen Hamilton. His bass was caught on a chartreuse/white spinner that weighed 3.83 pounds.

“I caught three bass in 20 minutes on my spinner,” Hamilton said.

The first bass came off. The second bass was too short and his third bass was the keeper. Hamilton went on to say, “I threw a spinner bait the rest of the day and didn’t catch any more fish.”

At least three incidents occurred where fishermen got soaked. Randy Dykes reported that he fell out of his boat during the tournament. No problem. Frank Lusk who was fishing nearby loaned him his overalls. Lusk elected to leave the tournament early due to a misunderstanding about the starting time.

On his way back to the launch area, Dykes got drenched again by a big wave that crashed over the bow of his boat.

Steve Slover also got drenched when he walked out on the pier at the launch site. A big wave crashed over the pier he was walking on.

While Wayne Harper was driving his boat up on his trailer, a big wave came over the side of his boat and he was left standing in about four inches of water.

The good news is that all the contestants made it back safely.

The club’s next tournament will be held at Lake Winnsboro on March 11. The hours are 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Jerry Miller can be emailed at gonefishing813@ev1.net

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