Josh McCown remains dialed into the New York Jets


FLORHAM PARK, NJ — Jacksonville's Josh McCown swapped his cleats for a microphone earlier this summer when he announced his retirement from the National Football League after a 17-year career as an NFL quarterback. Several hours after that announcement was made it was revealed that McCown, 40, would be joining ESPN as a football analysis.

Although he is making a living under the glare of the studio lights and not the stadium lights now, McCown is far from being removed from the game, especially from his former team, the New York Jets and their up-and-coming quarterback, Sam Darnold, the third overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, who replaced McCown.

McCown paid a visit to the Jets' training camp last Saturday, as was documented by, to get a first-hand look at how things were going for the team.

McCown, who served as a mentor for Darnold last season, has kept in close contact with the former USC phenom since leaving the Jets.

“Josh has a few younger kids, so he is into Snapchat...every other day it seems like we are talking. Josh has such a great football mind, anything that pops up in my head I can talk over with him,” Darnold said in an interview. “We have a good relationship and we have always talked a lot.

“Sometimes Josh will ask how things have been going down, how the guys are doing or what formations we have been running...he misses it (professional football) every day...he is such a good dude.”

Darnold said that he is confident that McCown will excel in his new job at ESPN.

“He will do great, no doubt,” Darnold said.