Major change coming to Fightin' Indian football broadcasts

Jacksonville Fightin' Indian football fans will no longer be able to hear the teams' games broadcast on a local radio station this season.

Instead, Tribe loyalists will be able to go to to receive all of the games in live streaming fashion.

The broadcasts will be available on cell phones, tablets, lap tops, notebooks and desk tops for the convenience of the listening audience.

According to Matt Montgomery, who will be beginning his 38th season of broadcasting Jacksonville football when the Indians take on Carthage in the Aug. 30 season lid lifter, Tribe football has been on the radio airwaves continuously since 1957.

The switch is being made for two reasons — uncertainty surrounding the ownership of the local radio affiliate that had been carrying the Jacksonville football games, and the desire to give Tribe fans an enhanced broadcast in a more modern format — according to Montgomery.

“Most high school football broadcasts are online now and are not on actual radio stations,” Montgomery said. “If you are driving in Dallas on a Friday night, you don't hear high school football games being broadcast on all the stations. Everything is online now. It is the way everything is going.”

Montgomery said that he has entered into a contract with the Jacksonville Independent School District to broadcast all of the Indians' home and away football games.

Montgomery added that the local businesses that sponsor the broadcasts have been very receptive to the switch.

Advertising fees will go towards covering the purchase of the equipment that is needed to be able to live stream and to maintain the operation.

Aaron Swink will continue as Tribe play-by-play announcer and Todd Travis will accompany him in the booth, serving as statistician.

“The only thing that is changing is that we are going to live-streaming,” Montgomery, Jacksonville's sideline reporter, said.

All of the broadcasts will be able to be played back in their entirety, so if one is not able to catch the Indians live, they still can hear the complete broadcast at a time that fits their schedule.

The weekly Smoke Signals program, featuring interviews with Jacksonville athletic director and head football coach Wayne Coleman, will also be included on

In addition, it is possible in the future that other Jacksonville sports will be live streamed as well.

“I had the site built so it can be used for all JISD sports (and JISD

approved that) -- not just football,” Montgomery said. “The site looks like all football now, but that can be easily adjusted. That is why I used JHS-Sports,com, so other sports can use it, not just football.”

Montgomery said that he encourages fans to go ahead and download to their devices prior to the start of the new football season.

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