The Jacksonville high School girl's athletic department has a new head honcho, as does the Fightin' Maiden basketball team.

T. Lynn Nabi has been promoted from boy's coordinator at Jacksonville Middle School School, to girl's coordinator at Jacksonville High School.

Nabi will also serve as head coach of the school's varsity girl's basketball team.

Nabi is well known not only in Jacksonville but throughout East Texas, as he previously served for six season's as the head women's basketball coach at Jacksonville College, where his teams qualified for the regional tournament each season.

He also worked in administration at he college for three years before coming aboard at Jacksonville Middle School last year.

“I am grateful to the JISD for this opportunity,” Nabi said. “To be able to serve as girl's coordinator and help mentor young coaches, and then to be able to get back on the side lines and coach the Jacksonville girl's basketball team really fits me well. These are challenges that I look forward to and am up for.”

Nabi is taking over for Anthony Harris, who will be the head girl's cross country coach, and will assist in coaching girl's track and field in the spring.

“Coach Harris has been invaluable to me in this transition, and I look forward to continuing to be able to work with him,” Nabi stated.

Nabi emphasized that he is stepping into a situation that is not broken, and that his focus is to improve all Jacksonville girl's athletics.

“We have a good group of young ladies in our girl's basketball program and I want to make them better and to see us grow the program together,” Nabi said. “The first thing on our agenda will be to enhance our summer workout program for girls, so that we can get bigger, strong, faster.

“Overall our mindset will be to get our girls ready for the next level. Now, we know not everyone is going to go on and play sports in college, but we want to teach them things that will help them be successful in whatever that next level is for them.”

Nabi also tipped his hat to the various members of the Fightin' Maiden coaching staffs.

“I am fortunate to be able to work with an exceptional group of coaches,” he said. “We all want the same there here, and that is what's best for our kids.

Nabi and wife Gretchen are parents of two JISD students, Matthew and McKenzie.





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