Powerlifting: Rusk girls win 1st place at Bullard Invitational


BULLARD — Rusk powerlifters racked up 36 points to garner first place in the girls division of the Bullard Invitational on Saturday.

Kerens (27), Palestine Westwood (21), Bullard (21) and Troup (20) were among the top schools in the team standings of the eight-school field.

Westwood iron pumpers amassed 40 points to give their school their team title in the boys division.

Bullard and Rusk finished in second and third place, respective, chalking up 29 and 22 points, with Troup scoring 16 points to come in fifth place.

Eleven teams contested things in the division.


GIRLS (Rusk, Bullard, Troup)

First place: 98 lb. weight class, Ella Morton, Rusk, 355-pounds; 114 lb., Zoe Fields, Rusk, 515 lbs.; 148 lb., Tara Wells, Troup, 675 lbs.; 259+, Alondra Salinas, Troup, 1,135 lbs.

Second place: 97 lb., KayLynn Morris, Rusk, 335 lbs.; 148 lb., Mason Blaylock, Rusk, 655 lbs.; 220 lb., Gabby Flores, Rusk, 505; 259+, Leighann Langston, Bullard, 1,070

Third place: 123 lb., Zuri Flores, Rusk, 410 lbs.; 132 lb., Lexsey Cleaver, Rusk, 545 lbs.


BOYS (Rusk, Bullard, Troup)

First place: 165 lb., Dylan Lassiter, Bullard, 1,030 lbs.; 181 lb., Sean Rogers, Rusk, 1,115 lbs.; 242 lb., Lane Gilchrest, 1,090; 275 lb., Blake Morse, Bullard, 1,275 lbs.

Second place: 123 lb., Quintin Taylor, Troup, 695 lbs.; 132 lb. Jackson Bracken, Bullard, 645 lbs.; 165 lb., John Ford, Troup, 1,010 lbs.; 220 lb., Wyatt Aylor, Bullard, 1,080 lbs.

Third place: 123 lb., Zach Wise, Bullard, 680 lbs.; 148 lb., Kaden Mahoney, Troup, 955 lbs.; 275 lb., Ryland Reynolds, Rusk, 1,235 lbs.

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