The Fairfield Eagles had the most breaks and defeated the Brownsboro Bears Friday night. The final score was 14-6.

“Fairfield is good but I honestly feel the best team did not win the game. We will continue to work to get better each and every week,” said Bears head coach Greg Pearson.

The first quarter was a defensive battle with many negative plays for both teams.

The leather was popping and for old time coaches that love defense, the game was going great.

The second quarter provided more defense until the seven minute mark.

The Bears drove the length of the field and Gage Wehrmann scored on 4th down from the one inch line with 1:45 to go in the half.

The Eagles got fired up and scored on a 56 yard pass from Justin Abram to Damascus Hayes. Tyler Haynes kicked the extra point and Fairfield had gone ahead in only 25 seconds.

The score at halftime was 7-6. The defense dominated the first half, but it was easy to see that both offenses were ready to explode.

The third quarter didn’t start anything like the first half. The Eagles used only 90 seconds to score from 31 yards out. Abrams did the damage and Haynes again converted the PAT for a 14-6 lead. Little did the crowd know the scoring was done for the night.

The final twelve minutes was frustrating for the Bears.

They drove twice deep into Fairfield territory only to be thwarted by the Eagle defense.

The Bears stopped the Eagles with a couple of minutes to go in the game, but a fumble sealed the fate of the Bears.

The Bears drop to 0-2 and will travel to the Sunnyvale Raiders on Sept. 13 at 7:30 p.m.

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